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River Ridge Professionals is a Dental Management & Consulting Provider offering  service solutions for the Dental industry, offering confidential services across Ontario. Our team has the ability and the resources to assist Dental Practices and Dental Support Personnel with Temporary and short Term Placement Contracts For Dental Professionals. River Ridge Professionals also offer Upgrading & Cross training skills for your Dental Professionals and Account Receivables.
Training:  * Weekend Courses Available!!
Three Day Boot Camp - Treatment Coordinating OR Front Desk Skills  -Review & Rewrite Your Resume & Interviewing Protocol, Other Upgrading Skills Available For  Receptionists, Assistants and Hygienists
All Courses under 40 Hours, Limited Spaces for May 2024
 Call or Email For Further Details 
 Practice Management:    
We offer a range of Coaching and Consulting services including New Practices or moving Existing practices, Efficient Recall and Tracking systems and  *Account Receivables 
 We are dedicated to assisting you with your Dental professional concerns. 

Contact Us: 
1111 Davis Drive
Suite 1-233
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 9E5

416-876-2286 OR

Rethinking Your Resume ?
We Will Assist You
Review and Rewrite Services Available

Register today if you are a 
Dental Professional: 
Dental Hygienist
Dental Assistant
Dental Office Manager
Dental Receptionist/Admin
Dental Accounts Receivable
Dental Treatment Coordinator




River Ridge Professionals
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